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2004 Transit 125 T260

I bought the van 2 years ago with 68000mls on the clock, I had a 1995 90 T280 before but she was a bit rusty to start converting, I did think about it. Sold her with 245000miles on (most reliable vehicle I've ever owned) I don't use the van for work although that was the idea, so I can keep it clean and campervans have to be the way forward!!!

I started by getting a Tourneo door from a scrap yard so I had a window and door furniture to save some work. With that fitted I removed all the ply for cleaning and insulating.

I got some laminate floor insulation that is waterproof and reasonable cheap to insulate floor and roof. and some recycled plastic for loft insulation to fill the side wall cavities and door cavities. This was secured in place with polythene and duct tape. I use the van as an every day driver, the difference in road noise was amazing with just the floor and side cavities done

I then refitted the floor ply, carpet and corner trims. The side wall ply was trimmed to take the off side window. I watched autoglass fit the window in my door and thought it was easy so I fitted the ofside window (just a tip the trim supplied with the fitting kit Is too bulky and holds the glass off the body by 10mm! should only be about 5mm so wouldn't bother with it if I ever do that again. All ply pieces were trimmed with grey vynil, glued and stapled to the back of the ply. I have to Thank my mother for this as I would of made a right mess! and probably given up

Next I ran some cables from the back of the drivers seat to both the back corners for lights and sockets before starting on the roof. With some 6mm ply I lined the roof being careful to make it in 2 identical halves and shaped to hug every strengthening beam. That took a long time to achieve but I am very happy with the results. I then looked at ventilation as we hired a camper in Oz but every moning the windows were dripping with condensation. I chose the spinning type roof vent as My insurance wanted to charge me more for fitting a rooflight? they did for the windows!

I cut a piece of ply that spanned from the back roof beam to the rear of the van, then I made a frame to fill the gap between that and the main roof panels. This had to be done due to the maximum roof thickness for the spinner is about 12mm. The main panels were then cut to suit the vent area and it was all trimmed with carpet

Tasks written up so far is as far as I have got. As soon as I have come up with a bed system I will post the pictures. Happy converting!

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