Ford Transit Conversion to camper / day van

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Status: Weekend conversion....

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Hey guys....

I'm loving this website and after spending the whole bank holiday weekend buying and converting my Ford Transit into a camper/day van i'm picking up some good tips.... Cheers!

I've added some pics (hopefully if i'v done it right) to show you how i've got on.... I'm pretty good with diy but not attempted a conversion before so i hope you wont be too critical and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated....

That's it for now... I'v rambled enough..


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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Base Vehicle

    Ford Transit SWB in orange and blue!

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  • Project Plan

    I split the rear of the van into 70/30, with 70% being the main living bit and the remaining 30% being secure storage for my mountain bikes.. i do a fair bit of mountain biking and racing so that w...

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  • Rear Seats

    What will eventualy be the cushioned bench seat has storage underneath as well as the full height unit next to it and next to the fridge. I will still have to sleep in a tent outside the van but ho...

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  • Units & Furniture

    Lastnight i got as much done after work as i could carpeting the remaining walls and building the wardrobe/cupboard. I am keeping the metal bulk head behind the driver's and passenger's seat as the...

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  • 2nd Battery

    Anyway. As you can see it's almost finished and hope maybe, you guys could comment or offer any advice?.. One thing i am going to have to do is install a liesure battery, which will sit securely at...

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  • Wiring & Electrics

    Forgot to mention.. i'v installed a cigarette lighter socket extension to the rear for now to power the coolbox/fridge but the liesure battery will take over this eventualy when fitted...

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