My Renault Master panel van

Status: conversion to a campervan

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Here we have my latest Project my Renault Master.I have just finnished my Mercedes Vito and did a fantastic job on it too.Now my dream is now becoming a reality with the Renault Master Lwb.I have been a bit jelious of my friends who have the motor homes and mobile homes well now I am joining the so called club ,but first I have to do the conversion???
At the moment my van is in the paint shop getting it's first respray.It is a 2008 master in white no windows are fitted yet, and I know your going to say I should have fitted them first but I have no windows yet and also the other point I need to tell you,is I am sort of cheating a bit I am robbing a caravan it's an Abi Dale 520et the reason I picked this one is the fact it has got the right size cupboards in the top section of the caravan that would fit my van.well now you all know what it is going to look like if you look for an Abi dale on google you will see roughly what it is going to look like,I will video my journey in step by step sections so if any one wants to follow my lead then by all means do it,A phrase I have allways believed in is "Never put off for tomorrow if you can do it today"I have allways lived by this rule

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