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Status: Just converted a very small van

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Just had a Bipper converted as we needed something we could drive on a daily basis as we couldn't justify a campervan sat on the drive most of the week.

Do a bit of walking on our days off so its really a day van or overnight camper for events etc, off to York next week for our first sleep in it.

We love it and its just what we wanted without the price of a Romahome and it sleeps 2 !!!

Thought I'd post some pics just to show no vans too small.

Update - Sorry been busy with Christmas and we've been to Rowntree Caravan Park in York and Brown Moor Park in Hawes for a few nights in the Campervan. Its now just been reclassified as a Motor Caravan by the DVLA as well, thought they might just laugh at the pics and send them back.

I now use it day to day to get to work and we go away at weekends and days off it averages 50mpg+ on a run loaded up and now costs £300 for specialist insurance with commuting and it used to cost £600 as a van!!!

Thanks for the forum comments hopefully see some of you on the road somewhere.

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Base Vehicle

    Peugeot Bipper bought the van as a pre-reg with no miles on for 7k. The conversion is really a bespoke job done by a local Reimo specialist called Acorn Leisure who really specialise in VWs and th...

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  • Bed System

    The bed was made in wood with all the supporting brackets in the rear you don't see, and then sent away to be copied in metal and returned with two seat belt fixings as well, there's storage under ...

    More Details
  • Project Plan

    This is a bespoke job. The overall cost is probably going up for 4k with the windows and all materials and labour. This might seem expensive to some however its half the price of a Romahome which ...

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  • Rear Seats

    The seating is fine with just enough head room to relax and cook whist the sleeping area is fine for two people and even a small dog.

    More Details
  • Kitchen

    Our Bipper stove.

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  • Panels & Lining

    The original panels and the new carpeting.

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