DutchAussie's Renault Trafic Touring Van

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Status: In Progress

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We purchased a 2014 Renault Trafic LWB Van with the aim to convert it into a Touring Van.
Whilst travelling we would like to sit down in comfort and have a cup of tea in nice spots.

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Base Vehicle

    We ordered the Renault Trafic in November 2013. We picked up the vehicle on Thursday June 12, 2014. I checked every nut and bolt before under the vehicle before I started the conversion of our Re...

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  • Roof

    The roof has been insulated with Kingspan 625. I attached timber battens to the roof using nut inserts into existing holes. The 1220 * 610 mm Marine Ply sheets were then screwed to the battens. ...

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  • Windows

    The windows were factory fitted in the sliding doors.

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  • Wiring & Electrics

    I have so far installed the following: * 120 AH PowerPack * 60 AH PowerPack * 15 AH PowerPack * Circuit Breaker Box * Battery Isolator * Reversing Camera & Monitor Pictures soon.

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  • Panels & Lining

    The side panels of our Renault Traffic Touring Van have been installed. I purchased the panels from: Information coming soon.

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  • Flooring

    I purchased a floor from: Information coming soon Total cost delivered A$ 645.00. I insulated the floor with Kingspan 625. The floor is made of 12 mm Marine Plywood which has been coated ...

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  • Rear Seats

    The rear seats are leather lounge seats without stands and are fitted on boxes attached to a rear divider. The seats are only used when stationary. They are our comfort seats when parked somewher...

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  • 2nd Battery

    The Power Pack in the photo will be fitted in the rear of the vehicle. Another 120 AH Thumper Power Pack will be fitted under the seats I am making at the moment. The Circuit Breaker Box will be ...

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  • Project Plan

    The design of our Renault Traffic Touring Van completed. Pictures on the following Pages.

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  • Insulation

    The roof and sides of our Renault Traffic has been insulated with Kingspan 625 and aluminium tape.

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  • Units & Furniture

    Pictures coming soon.

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  • Swivel Seats

    At this stage I have not been able to find suitable swivels

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  • Water System

    We carry water for tea or coffee only in 10 L packs.

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  • Gas

    We carry Butane cannisters for our stove.

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  • Bathrooms

    We have not installed a toilet and shower because we use public toilets and shower morning and night in rented accommodation.

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