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DavySNP1242's - Task: Base Vehicle
Write up for their project LDV Convoy Minibus Campervan ConversionStatus: 100% Complete

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Task Write-up: 

My choice of base vehicle was quite simple really. Whilst I would love an old bubble nose Merc (early 1980's 0500 models)I acquired SA02 when she came up for sale as part of an ongoing fleet renewal program at my work.
We have operated 15 to 20 LDV Convoy's since 2000 when we took delivery of our first three. They have gradually replaced our previous Transits and Merc 0410/0508's.
The LDV's have proven to be reliable and cost effective to run (SA02 returns 27mpg on the longer runs)Parts are relatively cheap compared to a Merc say and easily sourced with the engine/transmission and rear axle all being well proven Ford units common to the Transit.
LDV's do have their odd problems but can be easily sorted by a competent DIY mechanic mainly due to their relatively simple engineering (tractor mechanics) I call it.
An LDV isn't the fastest van around (70ish is about it for a good 2.4 turbo, who wants to go faster with a camper anyway?)and they're not the quietest either but at least they'll get you there and back again.
One final plus for me is the fact that through my work I have access to 2 or 3 vans that we have kept for breaking.

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