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First job was to remove some of the rear windows as there are too many for our plans. £15 bought 3 steel panels two 83cm by 51cm and one 93cm by 51cm from a local steel fabricators. The window is held in by 22 rivets under a rubber/plastic side strip, these were carefully drilled out and the window removed complete with frame. This was then laid on the steel panel and marked around with a sharpie pen. Out with the grinder to round the corners off and remove about 75mm from one end and then the same rivet holes were marked from the old frame. Voila a perfect fit, installed with caulk as a sealant and primered white for now.

Only two more to go :-)

All three windows have now been removed and plated over with steel sheet (£15 for all 3 pieces, £16 for rivets and paint) inside and outside painted gloss white for now just to prevent rust taking hold on bare steel.

Not had any issues with leaks, sealed window panels with builders caulk and then bathroom sealant before rivetting them in, it has actually made the back warmer and less noisy, i need to post some more pictures really as we are nearly done inside now,We only have a low roof on Bruno but the only way to ensure resealing is the dig out and re seal method, messy and time consuming but the only guaranteed way, same with the leaking windows, drill out rivets and reseal then new rivets back in, iirc its 22 rivets for the smaller windows and 30 for the bigger ones, again more work but its the best way, should be doable in an afternoon (in good weather if we get any this year)

If anyone can use three windows in frames for their project we are open to offers of swaps/trades or just buy them (cheap).

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