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My campervan was fully fitted when I bought it but it was riddled with damp and I have now had to rip everything out and remove all the boards that are rotting.
The biggest reason was that I am asthmatic and each time I went away in the van, I got a really bad chest infection so I had to either sell it, which I did not really want to do, or fix it.
So FIX IT was the option I have chosen.
Fingers crossed it was the right decision!!

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Roof

    Unfortunately I have now found damp in the roof boards as well so that is all going to have to come down as well. Hopefully getting that done this weekend.

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  • Wiring & Electrics

    Wiring is nearly complete now. 2 new double 240v sockets installed and new 12v cabling done for "mood" lighting in the rear of the van.

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  • Project Plan

    This is our master plan for the rebuild

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  • Base Vehicle

    I have made a start to the insulation of the panels on the walls. Due to the roof having to be taken down, it might been to have bits re-done. Update - the roof has been taken down and all the wal...

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  • Flooring

    Floor has been treated with anti rust paint, all obstructions removed and any holes filled in. A lining of foam insulation, then bubble wrap insulation, then another layer of foam. A sheet of ply...

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  • Miscellaneous

    Here are some other things that required fixing in the van. The leak was actually coming from the rear door not closing properly. Dampness had been seeping through for god know's how long. I pur...

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  • Panels & Lining

    I have had to remove all the units, ply and hardboard from the entire van as it was all damp. Having removed it I have found there to be no insulation in the van what so ever. Another thing the fo...

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  • Windows

    The only thing that has been done with the windows is they have been blacked out for privacy. Nothing else is being changed with the windows.

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  • Bathrooms

    There is no bathroom being added. Just our wee porta potti

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  • Lighting

    All the cables are now in place for all the lights. They have all been tested and are now patiently waiting on the arrival of the lights themselves. Update - the lights that I have bought and put...

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  • Units & Furniture

    We started putting the units back into the van yesterday (Mon 18th Nov). It is going to be a hard job!! Wardrobe, worktops, fridge, grill and splash back are all now installed.

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  • Insulation

    Insulation I have completely covered every single piece of metal inside the van with silver insulating bubble wrap. It took 8 rolls of the stuff. This was attached to the walls with spray on adhe...

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  • Bed System

    Well, we have started on the seating and bedding area. Big plans for this area so will be interesting how it pans out.

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  • Kitchen

    Kitchen is finally finished. Still got a few shelves to put up but all in all, it is complete.

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