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Bought a small ex commercial 'white' van. 1998 Toyota Townace with the view to turn it into a 'sleeper' or camper van. Totally empty when I bought it and filthy!
First job was a major clean which included removing the head lining and scrubbing entire van with hot water and 'sugar soap' aThis took approx 4 days to complete.

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Insulation

    Van was stripped out and cleaned, walls carpeted using 'frontrunner' very pliable and easy to work with. Glued on with 'F2'. Insulation used a sound proofing/insulation that i was given. not fibre ...

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  • Base Vehicle

    Van is ex commercial, 1998 Toyota Townace 147cm wide, 128cm height, 220cm length. (from rear door to behind front seats) Plan is to be self contained in van for three days. All waste will be con...

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  • Windows

    Rear tinted windows for privacy, and reduces interior heat from sun. Still allows me to see out perfectly but stops 'parkers' from peering in. Had job done professionally as i had seen others 'do i...

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  • Bed System

    Single bed. First, get the height right, you dont want to sit on the bed and have your head touching the roof, very important. i spent hours sitting on buckets, stools chocked up with wood until i ...

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