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Single bed. First, get the height right, you dont want to sit on the bed and have your head touching the roof, very important. i spent hours sitting on buckets, stools chocked up with wood until i found the right height.Ensure that there is enough room under bed for storage,ie room for a portable toilet (no point having lotsa headroom if there is no storage room) Second, find the right width that works for you. ie can you roll over in bed without rolling out? if you tuck your legs up is your bum hanging over the edge? and thirdly the length, you want to be able to lie in bed fully stretched out without half your legs hanging over the end. Remember this bed will travel all over the country with you and you need it to be comfortable otherwise you'll end up staying at home cos the bed is rubbish!!
Because storage is limited in a van this size, all room under bed is utilized. I have 3 compartments under bed, clothes/tools, portable toilet and kitchen stuff. All divided using ply with separate locker doors.
Used sheet of 4 ply for bed base with holes drilled thru for air circulation for mattress.
Bed base is fixed to frame permanently and i added a small inspection port top of base. Locker doors attached using heavy duty magnets.

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