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This is a conversion my boyfriend and I did quite a few years ago. The main aim was to have a van which was good for staying in, sleeping, cooking but which stored all our toys too - kayaks, skis, bikes. Hope you like it.

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Base Vehicle

    Bought this a few years ago. A T4 seemed a good choice in terms of price vs. considerations such as size, reliability, drivability. There are a lot more vans on the market now but I reckon I'd st...

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  • Bed System

    You can see from the photos but the bed system is pretty straightfoward. The chair has a release catch underneath which drops the backrest down forming one half of the bed. 2 removable plywood bo...

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  • Windows

    Put 2 rubber mounted windows into the van. One sliding one at the side of the van with the stove. Just a fixed one in the sliding door. Got these vents which fit in and are great for getting air...

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  • Swivel Seats

    Got 2 T4 swivel bases and fitted them to the driver and passenger seats. Release handle at the front under the seat (see photo). Usually roll the seat-back forward a little to give enough room to...

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  • Units & Furniture

    There's not much 'furniture' in the van, the seats / bed system are written up elsewhere. The cupboards are simple, plywood and timber but finished with some vel-trim carpet which smartens the...

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  • Heating

    Simple gas heater. Not room sealed so I don't have it on overnight just incase. Think that means it's a 'convection' heater? Sorry, it was a while ago. Gas bottle at the back, short rubber hose...

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  • Kitchen

    Just had a look at the photos and feeling a bit bad - everything really needs a good clean!! We put in a mini sink with tap and then a double burner SMEV stove under the window in a purpose ma...

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  • Gas

    Simple gas fuel system. Gas bottle + regulator on the floor at the back (for easy acess) strapped securely to the van. Flexible hose from regulator to fixed copper piping behind the units. A Y u...

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  • Water System

    Water tank fitted into cupboards at the back of the van. Strapped in by a bungee to stop it rattling. A submersible pump in the tank is wired in and activates when the sink tap is turned on pumpi...

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  • Project Plan

    There was a project plan (I think) but it was a long time ago. I seem to remember it was more of a process, involving lots of cups of tea and chating with mates.

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