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As someone who has graduated over many years to a Mercedes 709D bus, my basic advice is to think what level of 'creature comforts' you actually desire. Actually, it's not about you, but about the person or people you intend to entice into your life on the road.

We probably all started with the romantic notion of taking to the road. Do I have to mention Cliff and Summer Holiday? Did the males amongst us dream of going away with Una Stubbs and the ladies snuggled up with Cliff.

I have read lots of people doing what was part 3 of our 4 stage journey to bus-dom. The Transit.

It's great to wake up with condensation dripping from the roof, touching the sides of the van in winter and getting frostbite burns. And it's also wonderful to sleep with the side door open in summer as you watch the sun set.

But what happens when it rains, you are soaking wet and can't get warm? In your van you are really just in a metal tent. Yes, we did the 'pop up' instant tents bit (part two of the journey) that was great.

The problem is with the old van is that you want quality sleep, and don't want to be crushed against your lover and unable to move without waking each other.

That's why I think the traditional VW bus is only really ideal for the single person. The problem with your internal construction is that the more you want to have as comforts, the less space you have for living and sleeping.

Long wheelbase and high top is the basic minimum I would recommend. Hire one and chuck a mattress in the back and see how you get on with just that. Only when you are lying flat out in the back do you get an impression of the space you need.

The choice is yours. But please think whether you want to sleep in a sardine tin, or be able to live a little and have a little quality of life ...

The pic is of our BT Transit. Great, but basically only room for a bed ...

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