Insulate walls, ceiling and floor

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Task Write-up: 

I chose 50mm Celotex for the walls and 25mm for the ceiling because I wanted as much head rooms as possible as I am 6ft. The insulation was as much for insulation as it was also for sound dampening. I used own brand grip fill adhesive to secure them.

I was rather meticulous at first cutting it to shape to fit into the panels. This is not necessary. I also had to go back over cutting gaps between the insulation and the metal work to stop it from squeaking when i drove. You can always fill the gaps and awkward areas with rockwool insulation or expanding foam.

I used rock wool on the floor for minor insulation, again I wanted keep headroom so I didn't raise the floor. just put the panels back down over the wool and screwed it down to the floor.

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