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Task Write-up: 

I doodled and I day dreamed. You will always doubt your plan, and re-arrange countless times. There is no plan! Just a list of what I wanted:
Seating for Passengers
Sleeping for at least four
Toilet for emergencies and city street camping ;)
Cooking facility
Power sockets

With these in mind, I began.

Research and planning is endless. Stop and get stuck in. With each task you can research it as you go. Otherwise you can spend all your time planning, and planning for what may go wrong if all doesnt go to plan. This is what i did.lol.

I constantly had my head switching between deifferent stages of development, and trying to puzzle it all together. !!!Stop!!! ...Sometimes it is good to have someone else to tell you to keep your mind on task. One. step. at a time!

I would recommend sleeping away in your van for a couple of days. I spent a weekend on a city break, it confirmed a few things for me, such as the need for a toilet and shower facility. It also gave me an idea of which doors i wanted to leave accessible in my layout and which id rather not use. for example my sliding door was loud and awkward to close, so id rather keep the rear and/or front doors accessible.

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