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Task Write-up: 

Used a combination of jigsaw, angle grinder and drill nibbler to cut the window apertures. (The nibbler was perfect when you have a panel skin as a guide.)

Obtained bonded windows (fixed and sliding) for all windows except the rear kitchen window. Needed this to open for ventilation but could only get a fixed bonded window for this panel, as it's a different size to the other panels. So had to compromise with a Seitz opening window instead. But it worked out pretty well and I don't think the different window styles clash too badly.

On DIY bonded windows ...
I found it easier to apply the glue to the frame rather than the glass before pressing the glass home. That way you can avoid getting excess glue (black sticky gunge) seeping out around the glass pane when you push it home. Cleaning this away afterwards is painful!
And take your time when lining up the glass with the aperture to make the bond as you only get one shot at getting it square.

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