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Park up wherever your journey takes you, our comprehensive How To Articles will guide you through the steps to build your own Campervan.

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Turn your van into a mobile hotel. Park up at your favourite surf break, mountainbike trails, or set off on a journey around Europe. We have all the info you need to build your dream campervan.

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Campervan Conversions - Converting a Campervan!

Welcome to Campervan Conversion - specialising in campervan conversions and the info required to convert a campervan. Our site will help you through the process of converting a van into a camper van, motorhome or leisure vehicle... We have a community page for most different types of van where you can see how other people have completed their campervan or motorhome conversion projects and of course we have detailed "how to" articles explaining how to do DIY campervan conversion tasks.

On our van community pages there is a custom made "social" system that lets users share their conversion projects with each other. This lets other likeminded people give detailed explanations about how they have converted their vehicles and how they have fitted various campervan coversion related products. There are dedicated community pages for the following vehicles:
VW T5 | VW T4 | Transit | Vito | Sprinter | Small Vans | Ducato | Trafic | Master | Daily | LDV Other Vans

More people than ever before are seeing the light and finding freedom through converting their own camper van or motorhome.  Some of you will choose to buy a professionally produced campervan conversion, but we understand that a professionally built campervan isn't what everyone is looking for - don't worry, there is another way! [more]