The Weetabix Van

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Status: "it will only take a few months!..."

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Converting a Mk1 Vito into a 'day camper' or 'stealth camper' style bus.
The 'Weetabix van' name is due to its particular yellow colour.

This is my first conversion project but im a pretty confident DIYer and general fixer of problems so I'm enjoying this whole process.

It will have a full electric instal with 2nd battery, sockets and LED lighting.

It has 3 rear seats which will need to be converted to alow them to be 'removable' and all fittings will also need to be removable so that the other 10months of the year i can use it as a van again.

The van came un-paneled so have had to do that too along with carpet lining the walls and ceiling and lino on the floor.

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Base Vehicle

    Back in september I bought my self a nice 03 Mk1 Vito with the intention of converting it. I am also a drummer and usually transport all the bands gear around so it seemed natural to buy a van. ...

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  • Project Plan

    Right! To work! I had the van for several months before I actually did anything to it (was too useful empty, transporting stuff to fill it up just yet!) but not its time to start something. I dec...

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  • Wiring & Electrics

    doing a fairly standard wiring set up so won't ramble on too much. putting in a few 12v sockets and LED lighting and an inverter with a couple of 240v sockets all off a 125Ah leisure battery and...

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  • Panels & Lining

    *more pictures coming soon* The van came un-lined so needed all the lining. Insulation: I bought a load of cheep camping mats from ebay and spray glued them onto the panels all over the van as...

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  • Rear Seats

    This section is a project in itself! when I got the van I wanted to take out the seats but after a while I found it so useful to be able to carry 5 extra people around that I started thinking of a...

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  • Windows

    The van came with side windows and rear barn door windows fitted so they will be tinted eventually but are fine. i would eventually like a sun roof and my friend mentioned retro-fitting a manual s...

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  • Lighting

    For the lighting in the van I wanted a good coverage with different areas independently controlled. I scoured the internet and various shops and eventually found an ebay supplier who sold these li...

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  • Bed System

    I decided to make my Rock and Roll bed in the end as it was much cheaper and as I never intended the seats to be 'driving' seats I wasn't too worried about making super strong perfect steel joints ...

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  • Units & Furniture

    I played around with the design for the rear cupboard in google sketchup for ages and eventually I bit the bullet and cut some ply and fixed it to the wall. I'm pretty pleased with the results. Unf...

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