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doing a fairly standard wiring set up so won't ramble on too much.

putting in a few 12v sockets and LED lighting and an inverter with a couple of 240v sockets all off a 125Ah leisure battery and also a site hook up with a battery charger as well.

bought my LED lights from ebay and they are fantastic SMD LEDs with a G4 lamp base (mini push in type) and each unit has 24 LEDs and only draws 0.9w!
I have 8 and if I were to use them all at the same time (probably not necessary) they are the equivalent to having a 60w light build on but at just over 1/10th of the power consumption.

I spent a few evenings last week installing the cabling in the back to have it ready for the ply panels to go in.

here is a copy of my wiring diagram and an image of my battery box with the standard 12v relay from started to leasure battery and fuses etc.

The 230v side of things will come later...

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