VW T5 Conversion

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Status: Just about finished

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This was my second conversion project and was definitely a step up from my first attempt! I wanted to keep the space at the back as open as possible under the bed so that I could slide either kayaks or windsurf kit under. I tried to keep the full width between the wheel arches available and made sure the back seat was on runners so that you can slide it forwards to get more gear in.

I also wanted to keep the weight down so the frame for the cupboard and units is 'just' strong enough and then covered in 3 or 4mm plywood - seems to work really well so far!

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Gas

    I kept the gas set up pretty simple - I've used propane so that it doesn't freeze (butane does, I learnt the hard way!). I've got a small propane bottle secured to the floor at the back, a regul...

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  • Base Vehicle

    It took me ages to find a suitable vehicle but eventually a buddy of mine found one for me at a VW dealership - it wasn't the colour I wanted, had a high mileage and was completely filthy having be...

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  • Wiring & Electrics

    I had a leisure battery from my old transit so I used that and fixed it to the floor with an old battery tray that I found at a scrapyard. I'm still not totally happy with the charging setup for i...

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  • Bed System

    I'm really happy with the bed in the T5 - its as comfortable as my bed at home and a really good size for 2 people. The back half of the bed is a couple of removable boards that sit ontop of woode...

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  • Units & Furniture

    The cupboards are really simple but work really well. They also don't add much weight to the van as its just 3 or 4mm ply ontop of half inch framing. The shelves in the cupboards are about 9mm pl...

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