Slanty cupboards!

GregMac's - Task: Units & Furniture
Write up for their project VW T5 ConversionStatus: 100% Complete

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Task Write-up: 

The cupboards are really simple but work really well. They also don't add much weight to the van as its just 3 or 4mm ply ontop of half inch framing. The shelves in the cupboards are about 9mm ply I think which seems fine for taking anything I need to pile into them.

I wanted to keep the width at the wheel arches clear for kit so the bottom of the cupboard had to be quite narrow, but if I'd made the whole thing that width there wouldn't have been much space for storing clothes etc. So I came up with the idea of having it much wider at the top and this has been a real success. It gives loads of storage space and also means the width of the bed is a good size and you feel like you have plenty of room when you're lying down in the back.

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