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GregMac's - Task: Bed System
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I'm really happy with the bed in the T5 - its as comfortable as my bed at home and a really good size for 2 people. The back half of the bed is a couple of removable boards that sit ontop of wooden boxes built over the wheel arches. Then the back seat is on hinges so you can flatten it out to join up with the back half of the bed. So its basically 4 plywood boards (2 are part of the seat) with cushions on top. The thing I'm really happy with is that I've managed to keep the full wheel arch width clear for sliding kit in underneath the bed (windsurf boards / kayaks etc).

I had a bit of trouble when it came to working out what the back of the seat was going to "land" on when you flatten it out, but then I came up with the solution of a bit of metal pipe that lies across the van - this is great because it takes up hardly any room but gives a really strong support to the back of the seat when it goes flat.

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