Vauxhall Combo conversion

Combo-Kayaker's Project
Status: Getting there slowly.

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My main goal is to create a camper that can sleep 2 people and carry 2 peoples kayaks, bikes and all the kit anywhere comfortably. With all the comforts you would get at home (ish).

This is my first ever conversion and a lot of my ideas came from forums and pictures so i thought i would share the knowledge. Please feel free to contact me if i haven't explained anything or you would like to know more detail.

UPDATE: I need to take some pictures but have added insulation to the roof in the form of roll mats which had made this winter a bit more bearable. Didnt know where to put this, so thought id just update. Im hoping to get a stove for Christmas so will be adding a stove, and a custom made thin sink (converted bread tin) to the van to add a mini kitchen. I will be covering the walls in the new year with carpet. I will also be looking to add a mini fridge if anyone can suggest one?

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Project Task Write-ups:

  • Base Vehicle

    When I got the van it was wood lined, however I removed everything to give it a good clean and to provide a good starting point. By doing this it allowed me to then add insulation to the floor and ...

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  • Project Plan

    To come up with a plan for the van I considered three main things: 1.How much space is there to play with. 2.What will I be using the van for. 3.what do I want in the van. The above sketch is...

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  • Lighting

    So far I have only wired one light into the van and it is so bright i think ill stick with one. The light had been taken out of an ex AA van and was purchased on Eb*y. It is 350mm long, 500mm dee...

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  • Flooring

    Currently only have carpet laid on a raised floor with insulation underneath. I spaced batons at the same width of the insulation for ease and then laid the insulation in and placed the floor on to...

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  • Panels & Lining

    The van came pre-lined , so when i got the van I removed it all to give it a good clean out and replaced with insulation behind. My next job is to cover it or carpet it to make it a bit more homely...

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  • Bed System

    The Bed was designed to be used as either a double or a single bed and operate as a short or long bed depending if i wanted to put the seats down or not in the front. The final system allows for al...

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  • Miscellaneous

    Using the shelf in a combo located above the drivers seats I was able to attach a normal curtain rail and hang a set of curtains to cover the back. The curtains part in the middle so that I can sti...

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  • Insulation

    To insulate the van I removed all the panels and replaced them with 200mm Loft insulation behind. To put the loft insulation in I stapled it to each panel in the position I wanted it and then reatt...

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