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Okay I will admit this got out of hand. I mean all I wanted to do is pull over and sleep comfortably and have room to haul my equipment, Or perhaps stay somewhere over night after a gig. After all, I do have a truck camper with everything I need. Stove, shower, sink, fridge, toilet you get the idea. The problem is my equipment will not fit into my camper. I thought hey lets make a booth to hold all of my stuff and roll it into a van just for the gigs! It's a pain in the Summer to take the camper off the truck to load stuff on the truck every time we have a gig! A van would enclose the stuff in bad weather. So off I went in search of a van. I found a 2008 Ford 250 super duty Econoline and it had a hitch! All we had to do is put a little spray paint here and there, ummm, well that is, the husband did most of the work ;). This led to removable bench seats with storage and we will probaly not stop there! Now the bug has bitten me to improve upon what has been started! By the way I love this site it has great inspiration!

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