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So far my girlfriend and I have bought an ex-ambulance with the idea of fitting it up in to a campervan, iVan.

I have learnt a few things so far, like how to service an Eberspacher heater which handily came fitted and that the company that removed all the equipment didn't do a great job. They basically just went round with wire snips and left a lot of now redundant wiring and fuse boxes and a few holes in the body filled with glue.

I am starting on the interior as soon as I get the van back from the garage where it is being serviced. The plan is to insulate and ply line the van and then build cabinets, kitchen area and sofas/bed from 15mm Ply.

Also I am going to fit LED lighting all round and a fridge (240v with inverter), combi-microwave (mains only), electric hob (mains only) and a sink with 12v pump. There is a leisure battery already fitted with split charger, so I will just add an inverter and charging system for when plugged in to the mains along with a regulator to power the LED lighting.

We don't plan on being too far from civilisation so are going to forgo a toilet and shower for simplicity and space.

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  • Heating

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