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The main thing which made us decide on using the existing van was not that we had it already, we were going to buy something much bigger but having looked round, there didn't seem to be what we wanted "off the peg" as such. Plus the other important factors to take in to consideration are the likes of fuel consumption, if you are gonna drive down to the south of spain in a big one, it will cost you lots more money than something smaller.Then there are things like ferry charges which I believe are charged on size, mainly length. All this comes into play but by the same token, don't go too small, even though I haven't used ours yet, I would see some of the small vw sized vehicles and smaller what I'd call "Posh camping" and if you are going to be sharing for several weeks with at least one other person, I don't think them pulling the curtains round, while you stand out in the rain, so they can take a "Forest Gump" in the kitchen, wouldn't just make bacon butties smell as good after,no matter HOW much you luv e'm!

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