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One thing I thought when I saw one or two airport buses flying around was how classy they looked so I set about sourcing flush windows. I know they don't open though I could of had them that did, but I didn't want to break the lines. I just feel that putting individual, different sized windows in looks like a home made van conversion.
Sorry,guys and gals, I know most of the professional companies do it and some of you will hate me for that but, that's what makes us all different in't it.
I found it did make a hell of a lot of extra work on the inside but I do feel it was worth it.
I basically bought standard pull down caravan blinds cos our lass just did NOT want curtains, then came the fun of trying to get them all the same level inside which given the fact that they also wanted to be right from the outside, though it is privacy glass and you can't see in from outside in daylight, but (or BUTT even), it works the other way round at night!
With the window apertures inside being smaller than the glass outside, I had to plot the areas that would be seen from the outside looking into the back of the panelling.
I used masking tape from inside just before the final fix of the panels inside, blackboard painted the back of the panels then masked out the void areas with black vinyl, it seems to have worked ok, I just pray that the adhesive doesn't change colour. I tried some stuff called "Static cling" in black, from the signage place but on the following morning I went out to carry on and fit the panel and one piece was on the floor. This didn't fill me with confidence so I reverted back to vinyl.

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