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Task Write-up: 

The furniture was constructed out of lightweight board obtained from one of the many caravan component suppliers. The purchase of curved top cupboard doors and curved corner mouldings allows you to achieve a professional finished look.
A lot of the furniture was grafted around stuff that was already predestined to go in that area, for e.g.. I wanted the cold water storage tank inside so it would not freeze up if the weather got cool (though I don't really intend doing much in the winter but can't rule spain out) So we got a standard Fiamma water tank and built a frame above it to take the fridge. I also didn't want a 3 way fridge mainly cos I didn't want loads of grills on the outside, so I got a compressor fridge (Stupid money I know) and I read they struggle a little if they don't have enough ventilation, hence the reason for fitting across the corner. Quite a lot of space behind & around it and was useful to fit stuff like the water pump behind there.
Then we bought a Truma Caravan water heater and hot air blower ( old stock from Magnum motorhomes at Grimsby) The misses said she didn't want a working oven, if she wants a three corse sunday dinner, someone else can make it when she's on holiday. So we did a hob and sink unit from Smev. and looked for a small microwave to fit the space that was left. Managed to get one with a grill in from sainsburys for under £50 so that's that.
Any cabinetry was made with the 8 x 4 panels fitted with their matching edging and all held together with plastic corner blocks, mainly so it can be disassembled should I need to get to anything.

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