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Task Write-up: 

As I mentioned in in the furniture category, we used a Truma combined hot water and blown hot air heater for the heating, mainly car it took up just one space.These units I think were originally designed for caravans and bigger motorhomes but they were being sold of by Magnum motorhomes at Grimsby.
Position was central so two ducts went towards the front and two through the seat/ bed base. This kept all the ducting on one side and is easy to take the two rear ones out when the bed is dismantled to use the load space. We have now tried the vehicle out and it works like a dream, I think you could nearly get a tan it was so hot.
Also in the shot is the rear removable dining table which we use when we are throwing large dinner parties, we also have a small snacking table for the front two seats for when when we are eating on the fly.

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