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As far as floor covering is concerned several things we took into consideration were again things like serviceability. The rear section we have a laminate floor as this is the area the motorbike or bags of sand and cement are going to stand so easy none stain was the order of the day here. Moving into the central galley area and after a change of plan, also the rear of front swivel seats, we decided to go for carpet tiles. I know they are old hat but firstly, we have a small dog who gets pretty mucked up sometimes, as do we, so you can take these up, wash them and then just drop e'm back. The main reason though, is there are several service ducts under this area, cables running to the leisure and main batteries and who knows, chances are you most certainly WILL need to get under there at some point and laminate flooring could have been a real pain in the butt should that happen, plus they weigh quite a bit too
We picked up the carpet tiles from wickes at £2.99 each and they seem really durable so far, and the laminate floor from B & Q.

Finally went for carpet tiles right through and we just drop down a rubber mat when the rear is being used for transporting stuff.

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