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The Suzuki Carry comes with 2 sections of floor that creates a flat load space. The first section originally hinged to allow taller items to be carried between the doors. The section easily (!) unbolts, and can be removed. Many Carrys are converted like that. However, the next section of floor is a false floor that is spot welded in place. If the van was used as a 4 seater, the area under this floor would have been used to house the heater element and matrix for the rear passengers. This floor section is not structural, and give more leg room if removed.
False floor removed, ply was used as the new floor – making sure to “pad out” between the van ribbing in the floor. Extra strength padding was used on the leading edge where the door is, as this section of the floor takes all the load when stepping in and out of the van.
I found some nice “charcoal” coloured vehicle carpet on Ebay – think it was being sold in sections for boot lining, although it would have been a bit to stiff I would have thought.
The edges at the joins were then finished off with right-angle aluminum trim (found in most DIY stores).
Although the finish is quite nice, most of it ends up being covered with seat/cupboard units or door mats!!!

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