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Task Write-up: 

The van has lots of lights – I bought several different types as I wasn’t sure which was best – I ended up using them all!!!
1 fluorescent lamp over the sink/cooker – good bright light
1 LED cluster (warm white) in the roof of the van (it only had a hole where the van rear light would have been)
1 traditional 5w filament reading lamp – a warmer glow – a bit more cozy than the modern LED stuff but probably pulls a lot more power
In case of emergency (ie a flat leisure battery), there are 2 LED battery powered lights on each side.
And after all that – which do I prefer – well, none of them actually!!! Yet, the bight ones are good for seeing what you are doing or cooking etc, but in the evening or at night I resort to a battery powered torch type lamp – one that takes 4 D size batteries – it has a handle and a dome that adjusts between a spot of general light. It gives a nice amount of glow, and has the comforting “flicker” of the bulb from the batteries.
But, each to their own as they say!

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