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Task Write-up: 

The kitchen consists of a Smev 911 combined double hob and sink. The unit can come with the sink on the right or the left. I decided I wanted the kettle nearer to the main sitting position rather than the sink! I chose this unit as it was long and narrow.
The hob is connected to a Camping Gaz cylinder which has its open cupboard at the lowest part of the unit. The unit has a hole through the floor of the van to allow any escaping gas to flow out of the van!
I found a nice tap on Ebay – it was a switch built into it which is connected to the water pump in the 10 litre water container (housed under the van bonnet).
The outflow from the sink goes out of a pipe through the floor of the van.

P.S. The blue look is the sink/burner with the protective coat still on. A word of warning - don't use the burner too much with the coating still on. I did, and then found parts of the coating had melted and "welded" itself to the stainless!!!

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