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steamydave's - Task: Panels & Lining
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Task Write-up: 

Vehicle carpet lining was put on just about everything. It hides the dinks and scratches from the van’s previous life, adds a warm feel when resting against the walls, and some insulation.

A word of advice!
When buying glue for the lining material, make sure it can stand the high temperatures that the insides of vehicles get to in the summer especially when left unattended with the windows shut etc. If the glue starts to melt, you might come back to find all of your hard work in lining the walls and roof have ended up in a sticky mess on the floor!

I have had several things stuck with Velcro (or similar) only to return to the van and find them stuck to the floor because the glue had melted in the heat, and then stuck again once the temperature dropped!!!

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